pretty things

mardi 13 juillet 2010


(A Single Man, Tom Ford)

mercredi 9 juin 2010


starting tomorrow...

(Villa Nellcote, Joseph Altuzarra dress, Diane von Furstenberg ad, jak&jil, Dennis Hopper photography, casa CMC Eduardo Longo, Vogue Paris editorial, old W editorial by Bruce Weber with DW KM and LS, Dion Lee by jak&jil, Christopher Kane)

vendredi 14 mai 2010


Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high
Your daddys rich and your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby, don't you cry

(Hotel Boca Chica in Acapulco, Dion Lee by Jak & Jil)

samedi 24 avril 2010


Asked a girl what she wanted to be
She said baby, can't you see
I wanna be famous, a star on the screen
But you can do something in between

I told a girl I can start right away
And she said listen babe I got something to say
I got no car and it's breaking my heart
But I've found a driver and that's a start

(Hubble ultra deep field photography, Nice (?) and Lily Cole in L.A. from purple-diary, Azzedine Alaïa and Naomi Campbell in his Paris studio)

dimanche 21 mars 2010


(Agnès Dello Russo by Jak&Jil, facehunter, Flying Lotus by Dazed&Confused, Ralph Vaessen sunglasses in Dazed&Confused, Saõ Paulo, Vogue edito June 09, Balmain aw10, Miu Miu satin cat Mary Jane)

samedi 20 février 2010

Babe alone in Babylone

Babe alone in Babylone
noyée sous les flots
de Pontiacs
de Cadillacs
de Bentley à L.A.
de Rolls Royce et de Buicks

...Babe alone in Babylone
noyée sous les flots
de Malibu
petite star inconnue
tu n'as vu que l'etoile
de la police fédérale

(Kate Moss by Mario Testino, hedislimanediary, Derek Lam backstage fall2010)